About Us

Robert Agencies is a leading importer and distributor of a wide range of Electric / Electronic items and accessories in Sri Lanka established over 60 years ago.

Robert Agencies are the sole agents & distributors of Ahuja Public Address systems in Sri Lanka, and also market a wide range Loudspeaker sets, Microphone Stands, Megaphones, Amplifiers, Reflex Horns, Audio Sound Mixers for the past 60 over years and We have been the market leader for these products since the items are imported directly from the manufacturers and marketed at highly competitive prices. Ahuja Public Address Systems have earned a name for reliability over the past three and a half decades.

All Ahuja systems are backed by a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects and ROBERT AGENCIES (PVT) Ltd. has a unique after-sales service with genuine spare parts stocked by them almost at all times.

Robert Agencies, who are authorized distributors for almost all range of products from CASIO Computer Company LTD., JAPAN, distributes Casio Calculators, Label Printers, Scientific Calculators, Digital diaries, Printer Calculators, Desk-Top Calculators, Financial  & Programmable Calculators, Pocket Calculators, Metric Converters, we also market Casio Organs, Watches & Clocks.

We have in stock almost all models of a Calculator currently manufactured by Casio Computer Company Ltd, Japan and the total number of models of Calculators exceeds 300 types.

ROBERT AGENCIES (PVT) LTD., are the sole agents for the famous  "SANWA" Measuring Instruments & "GOOT" Soldering Irons, and  Electronic Work-Bench  Accessories imported directly from the manufacturers in Japan.

We are also agents for "STAC" Voltage Stabilizers and UPS Systems (Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems), and import them from Nippon Keidenki Co. Ltd., Japan, and We have ex-stock of a wide range of items.

We also market a wide range of Polythene Sealing Machines from hand models, foot models and automatic Models catering for the domestic packing purposes as well as for the packing industry.

We are importers & distributors of wide range of "COMMAX" Intercom Systems directly from the manufacturers in Korea, and We are in an advantage position to market them the lowest possible prices to suit the average household and office users and others of these Intercoms.

Regarding the company's after sales service, the Company's policy has always been every item sold, comes with a six months warranty from date of purchase against any manufacturing defects. Robert Agencies also has a workshop exclusively for purposes of maintaining the items sold, and ensures genuine spare parts from the Manufactures.

All spare parts are also sold at the counter without any restrictions at the same price that would be charged for any repairs so that if anyone wishes they can buy the spare parts and effect repairs themselves.

All products are available at the company's showrooms at 88, Reclamation Road, Colombo 11, occupying a 4 storied building and at 108, Keyzer Street, Colombo 11, occupying a 3 storied building all for themselves, and occupying a total floor space of over 12,000 sq. feet.  Total number of employees as at date is over fifty and has an annual turn over of around two hundred million rupees.